In some diseases like cancer early detection is very important.

Check-Up scans enable an early detection of diseases, and thus also increase the treatment success. Early diagnosis and early treatment in every area of medicine and every disease will increase the life comfort of the person and extend the life span.

Another purpose of Check-Ups is the establishment of age-related, gender-dependent disease risks. As well as the identification of smoking diseases and hormonal conditional diseases by women such as fertility and menopause.

Furthermore, the investigation of familial risk factors of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer.

In some diseases like cancer early detection is very important. Check-up only by appointment. Please come to the appointment soberly.

  • General Check-Up
  • Full Check-Up
  • Cardiology Check-Up
  • Women Check-Up (under 40 years)
  • Women Check-Up (over 40 years)
  • Male Check-Up
  • Child Check-Up

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+90 533 890 64 36



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